Surprising Things Your Home Inspector Won't Check

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For many looking to buy a home, the home inspection process is the safety net. You may have fallen in love with a house, and mentally already moved in, but nothing is finalized until the inspector gives their report.

However, though the home inspection can save you from unpleasant surprises, it doesn't offer a total bill of health. In fact, there are certain aspects of a house that many homebuyers might be surprised to learn are not covered in a standard home inspection.

1.High roofs. Because of liability issues, many home inspectors won't risk getting up on a high, steep roof to check for damage or wear.
2.Blocked outlets. The inspector won't rearrange furniture to get at blocked outlets.
3.Fireplace and chimney. Apart from opening the shutter and shining a light to check for any large obstructions, inspectors will not check for creosote buildup, which could be a fire hazard.
4.Swimming pool. An inspector will look to make sure the heater and pumps are working, but will not look at cracks or the structural integrity of a pool.
5.The ground. If you are wondering how stable the ground under your home is, you'll need to hire a specialized engineer to do an evaluation.

It's important to know there are limits to a standard inspection. If you want any of the above areas to be looked at, talk to the inspector, as they may be able to recommend a specialist or do it themselves for an additional fee.